My Story


From Paris to Philly

French native and longtime Parisian, Annabel has been living in Philadelphia (PA) since 2014.  She grew up in Normandy, where she discovered a boundless passion for drawing in all its forms. Her family often said,  “She must have been born with a pencil because we have always seen her drawing !”  Then, pushed and supported by her art teacher at school, she continued her growth as an artist at the Beaux-Arts School at Rouen, where she was able to develop and strengthen her skills and Technics and collaborate with other art students.

At the time she seems to embrace an artistic career, her pragmatism will tell her to take the path to a career in Finance and Insurance services. However, her passion for Art is too strong and leads her back to Art school when she move to Paris for her career. Following a passionate art teacher and making nude models, she started learning what continues to drive her today : ‘’Shapes, Forms and Feminism’’. This latest discipline guided her to sculpture and clay, where she could free her mind and follow her burning inspiration.  

After spending 18 years in Paris and absorbing its elegance and modernity, Annabel found herself packing her luggage to move to the USA with her family. A new life started, and with it, new challenges. Losing her references, this became a time to reinvent herself and embrace new opportunities. It then became obvious to her that the way forward in this new country lay in pursuing her true nature and passion : ART !

The famous French writer, Albert Camus, once said, “Creating, it is living twice !”   And this is what Annabel is accomplishing through her distinctive ‘’Visual Art’’ paintings. Using different materials such as recycled coffee capsules, feathers, metals, and even Swarovski crystals and make-up as well, she creates surprising 3D effects.  These visual layers, which add a sensual femininity to her paintings, are at the heart of her artistic identity.

Always inspired by the Impressionist movement, but also influenced by Pop Art culture, Street Art and Fashion, Annabel’s style reflects her modernity and eclecticism : Trendy, Chic, Parisian Masterpieces.

 "I fuel my inspiration from the street, fashion and travels. I like to surprise and to find each subject’s unique details!"

Wet Paintbrushes

Creating, it is living twice !

Albert Camus