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SuboArt Magazine Print#5 - April 2023

April 2023

Discover how my passion for ART combined with my convictions about environmental issues have led me to turn recycled material into radiant masterpieces!

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Interview par

French Radar Magazine 

29 Nov. 2021

Passionnée d’art sous toutes ses formes, Annabel Perrigueur réalise un travail artistique avant-gardiste, dans lequel les matières et les couleurs se côtoient pour créer un résultat 3D surprenant. Son matériau de récupération préféré ? Les capsules de café Nespresso, qu’elle manipule avec brio pour donner des effets spectaculaires.

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The ASHE's Permanent Art Collection
Dr. Ala Stanford Center for Health Equity

27 Oct. 2021

Source from The Inquirer

I am Honored to be one of the artists selected by the curator Dori Desautel for showcasing my artwork "Freedom is Fragile" in the public spaces of ASHE, the most recent Black doctors Covid19 Consortium - Dr. Ala Stanford center in Philadelphia. My artwork is making part of the ASHE's permanent collection.

The Dr. Ala Stanford Center for Health Equity aims to provide a one-stop shop for preventive care, behavior mental and social services in North Philadelphia.

Proud to have been committed to this worthwhile effort to celebrate the mission of all doctors & medical staffs who work hardly to treat and save patients from Covid-19!

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Boss Lady : Annabel Perrigueur


March 9, 2021

Boss Lady is a series that shares personal insights from creative women in business.

This week we talk to Annabel PERRIGUEUR.

Annabel is a visual artist, using different materials such as recycled coffee capsules, feathers, metal and even Swarovski crystals to create stunning 3D effects.

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Artists in the time of Coronavirus -

Virtual Exhibition

July 14, 2020

"Creating for me, it is like living twice and is the best therapy to face stress at uncertain times !

The arrival of Covid-19 plunged the world into an unprecedented crisis time!

Nobody expected such situation : isolated from the others and losing our bearings, we had to reinvent our lives facing the virulence of the virus and his numerous unknown consequences !

I achieved my 'Lovely states', an USA map using my favorite media support : recycled coffee capsules. I spent a lot of time around this project, using more 300 aluminum pods including numerous hand-cuttings assemblies.

It took me a lot of patience and resilience to get over it but those qualities have never made so much sense at the current time!"

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