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Art Shows: Citation
ART SHOW NoName Gallery

NoName Gallery -
1 Year Anniversary!

1 September to 1 October

Come and discover my Upcycling work at NoName gallery in Chesnut Hill - Philadelphia throughout September!
3 Mixed media paintings are featured there!

Art Shows: Bienvenue


Art Shows: Citation
Clio Art Fair _edited.jpg

in NYC !!

SAVE THE DATE : Sept. 7-10, 2023 !!

Clio Art Fair will take place during the NYC Art Weeks in Manhattan and it is located just a couple of blocks away from The Armory Show (September 8-10, 2023).

Art Shows: Bienvenue
flyer NoName_edited.jpg

NOName Gallery - Philadelphia

Celebrating the Women's Month

at NoName Gallery,

located in the charming village of Chestnut Hill.

From 3 to 26 March, 2023

Do not miss this All-Women Art Exhibition during the entire month of March,

and the Opening Reception on Friday, March 3rd from 5 pm to 8 pm!

I will be showcasing a various pieces of Pop' Art.


8127 Germantown Av, Philadelphia.

_ _ _

Art Shows: Bienvenue
flyer Pop up Colorful Flows art show_edited.jpg

Jewish Arts Center - Philadelphia


 at Old City Jewish Arts Center in Philadelphia

February 18th, 2023

I am grateful to have been selected by the curator Jacqueline RIZZO among a few other local artists

to display my new Mixed Media work at Old City Jewish Arts Center, on February 18th!

Come join me to this festive event : you will enjoy local visual arts along with Live music and selected wine tasting (included with your ticket) and have the chance to take home a piece of art that you love!!

_ _ _

Art Shows: Bienvenue
Philly loves Bowie w2023_edited.jpg

The National Liberty Museum - Philadelphia

Bowie Pop-up Art at the National Liberty Museum in Old City of Philadelphia

from 6 January to 5 February, 2023

The National Liberty Museum will be hosting its 3rd Annual Bowie Bash and Pop-Up Art Sale, as part of Philly Loves Bowie Week. The official kick-off event, NLM at Night: "Bowie Bash" will be on Friday January 6th, coinciding with the opening of our Bowie-inspired Gallery and Art Sale, which runs until February 5th.

Throughout his long career, David Bowie found personal freedom in his unique forms of cultural expression. Bowie disrupted and rebelled against societal expectations and norms through music, art, and fashion, introducing new and more critical ways of thinking about race, sex, and gender.

The event and pop-up gallery feature local artists celebrating David Bowie’s legacy in the creative freedom he inspired.

The pop-up gallery artwork will be for sale, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), in partnership with Philly Loves Bowie Week.

_ _ _

Art Shows: Bienvenue
poster Neon museum of Philadelphia_edited.jpg

The Neon Museum - Philadelphia


from Nov. 11 to Dec. 4, 2022

Join us for the OPENING RECEPTION : Saturday 12 Nov. from 12 pm to 5 pm and discover this Unique multicultural Event that will celebrate the artistic diversity of Philadelphia in this mythical venue of the NEON Museum of Philadelphia.

I am pleased to showcase my Upcycling work and wear colors of my beautiful country!

_ _ _

Art Shows: Bienvenue
Postcard CFEVA secret_edited.jpg

Gross Mc Cleaf Gallery - Philadelphia


Postcard Fundraiser with CFEVA

at McCleaf Gallery on 22 Sept. 22

CFEVA Secret is a prequel fundraising event for Philadelphia Open Studios Tour (POST), which happens each October. Tickets are purchased in advance for a chance to select an original POSTcard-sized work (4 x 6 inches) at the Selection Party at Gross McCleaf Gallery on September 22.

These tiny but mighty artworks are being displayed without attribution to the artist. Only when you select your POSTcard will you know who made the work!

Come and mingle at Gross McCleaf, see the exhibits on view, and walk away with a POSTcard that could
be the same value as your ticket value or much more! Mine will be in the mix until it is picked
by someone and out of the selection options! 

Link to more info on CFEVA website

_ _ _

Art Shows: Bienvenue
deconstruct Bowie_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The National Liberty Museum - Philadelphia


From January 7 to April 30, 2022

Deconstructing BOWIE

“I only find freedom in the realms of eccentricity” - DAVID BOWIE

Throughout his long career, David Bowie found personal freedom in his unique forms of cultural expression. Through music, art, and fashion, Bowie disrupted and rebelled against societal expectations and norms, introducing new and more critical ways of thinking about race, sex, and gender. This exhibition celebrates David Bowie’s legacy in the creative freedom he inspired in generations of artists that have followed in his wake, artists who have continued to push boundaries and inspire others to do the same. In Deconstructing Bowie, we celebrate the timeless power of music and art to challenge cultural expectations and drive both personal and societal change.

The artwork on display in Deconstructing Bowie will be for sale, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), in partnership with Philly Loves Bowie Week.

_ _ _

Art Shows: À propos

440 Gallery -
Brooklyn, NY

The 17th Annual Small Art Show hosted by

440 Gallery located in Brooklyn - NY

From Dec. 1, 2021 to Jan.7, 2022

440 Gallery celebrates small-scale Creativity and Innovation with WHOLENESS: The 17th Annual Small Works Show.

In collaboration with MIDHEAVEN Network, this national juried show is a collection of artwork in a range of media and styles. This year’s show, for the first time, will feature a category of small performances: pre-recorded works of sixty seconds or less that may include music, spoken word, performance and theatrical works. The curated collection will be featured in several locations: 2D, 3D and multimedia will be presented and installed at 440 Gallery; a special broadcast will be aired on MIDHEAVEN Network; and the entire collection will be posted online at the 440 Gallery website. The Small Works Show attracts the attention of collectors and art lovers alike and is a favorite annual event for gallery followers.  

Art Shows: À propos

"Rose Abstract"

"Rose Abstract" depicts the Nature in plenitude.

This is a 2D Mixed Media painting designed with recycled Nespresso pods.

rose abstract_edited.jpg

The Opening Reception 

"WHOLENESS" Exhibition presented  by 440 Gallery

440 gallery3.jpg
Art Shows: Actualités
Visuel_DEF - WOMEN ARTISTS_edited_edited.jpg

Old Garage Gallery - Brooklyn, NY

Itinerancy #4
by Women Artists From France
From 11 to 13 Nov, 2021

C'est avec les quatre artistes, CAROLE JURY-Peintre abstraite, GAËLLE HINTZY-MARCEL-Sculpteure, PAULINE LÉVÊQUE Illustrateure et ANNABEL PERRIGUEUR-Peintre/mix média, que les Women Artists from France lancent leur quatrième et nouvelle exposition 100% féminine, en
collaboration avec OLD GARAGE GALLERY située à Brooklyn et MÉDECINS DU MONDE USA.

Ces quatre femmes artistes, connues pour leurs univers artistiques singuliers ont, pour la première fois, réuni leur art et créé des œuvres partagées.

Du 11 au 13 novembre prochain, plus d’une vingtaine d’oeuvres s’installeront au sein du nouvel espace dédié à l’art, appelé Old Garage Gallery au coeur de Brooklyn.
Enfin, pour donner du sens à cette dynamique créative, les quatre artistes ont choisi de reverser vingt pour cent des bénéfices de leurs ventes à Médecins du Monde USA, pour supporter leurs combats visant a faire progresser durablement le droit des
femmes, en favorisant notamment leurs accès aux soins de sante dans tous les pays où ils sont présents.
Six partenaires soutiendront l’aventure artistique :
French Wink, She for She, Women of Culture, Monsieur Brunold, Le Petit Journal
New York et PICTO New York, French Radar.

Art Shows: À propos
the 4 Women Artists

The women Artists
Carole Jury, Pauline Leveque, Gaelle Hintzy-Marcel and Annabel Perrigueur.

- -


Visiting the Exhibition Itinerancy #4

- -


Collaborative Artworks

Red LOVE -  Mixed media painting co-designed with Carole Jury.

La Parisienne - Mixed media painting co-designed with Pauline Leveque.


Collaborative Artworks

Renaissance - Textured butterflies designed with aluminum & Swarosvski crystals comes to be placed on a 2D suspension metal sculpture. An artistic collaboration with the sculptor Gaelle Hintzy-Marcel.

Blue LOVE - 2d Mixed media painting. Acrylic on metal with resin finish matching with a LOVE symbol designed with recycled coffee caps. An artistic collaboration with the painter Carole Jury.

Art Shows: Publications
Graphic content_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The National Liberty Museum - Philadelphia


From June 18 to Nov 7, 2021

Artists' Uncensored Views on Today's World

Our newest exhibition "Graphic Content" features graphic-centered artworks that act as social commentary, taking inspiration from counterculture tradition and giving voice to those outside the mainstream. It showcases 36 artists from around the world who use creative art mediums to confront and respond to difficult societal issues such as systemic racism, homophobia, climate change, and more.

Art Shows: À propos

"Talking Pop Art"

Graphic contentNLM_edited.jpg

"Talking Pop Art" is a Mixed Media painting fully designed with recycled coffee caps in which I revisited 5 legendary Pop art pieces to depict current scourges of our society :

  • H. Mental disorders

  • O. Intolerance 

  • P.  Ecology 

  • E. Violence 

"Talking Pop Art" statement


My HOPE symbol is a Tribute to famous Pop Art artists of the 20th & 21th century :

  1. Robert Indiana

  2. Yayoi Kusuma

  3. Alma Thomas

  4. Andy Warhol

  5. Roy Lichtenstein

Tribute to Andy Warhol along with
"Hibiscus Blossom"

gros plan GC_edited.jpg

My 3D flowers on the canvas part refers to Warhol's 1964 series Flowers, his pioneering silkscreen prints.

"Talking Pop Art"

GC artwort profil_edited.jpg

Focus on "Talking Pop Art"

Art Shows: Publications

SHRINE Gallery - Brooklyn, NY

SHRINE Gallery

presents its Digital Exhibition 

Group Show #4

This large scale exhibition was presented by Shrine Gallery located in New York City.

From January to July 2021.

- - -

Art Shows: Bienvenue

The National Liberty Museum - Philadelphia

The National Liberty Museum presents its newest Exhibition, "Philly's Freedom".
From October 16 to April 25, 2021

Through this exhibition of more 75 works of art, Philly's Freedom took visitors on a journey to explore what Freedom means to these artists as they uses stories, reflections, and images to inspire us to see freedom and liberty in a totally new way.

Art Shows: Bienvenue

'Fragile Freedom'

Artwork designed with recycled coffee capsules.

Artists Preview

Breaking News by

Fragile Freedom
Attended to the Preview Artists before the official Opening Exhibition.

There are so many oppressed populations in the world. We don't measure enough the privilege and experience we have to be free and to be express freely our opinions and convictions. We should cherish it as a precious gift! As a result, while illustrating "Freedom" in the most spoken languages around the world, my goal was to create an universal language that connects with everyone regardless our color of skin or origins.

Attended Artists Preview before the Opening Reception on Friday, October 16, 2020.

Exhibit promotion on the local channel - 6abc.

Art Shows: Publications

The Plastic Club - Philadelphia

The Plastic Club 

presents its newest Exhibition

"Spring Head, Fall back" 

March to June 2021.

Heart for LIFE,

a virtual Exhibition dedicated to Nelia !

When I accomplished this Mixed Media painting last January, I learned that my friend's daughter, only 13 years old, was diagnosed with bone

cancer and started chemo treatment!

Devastated by this news and revolted by this injustice of life, I promptly decided to dedicate this art piece to her for highlighting her struggles for LIFE!

Mixed Media painting featuring a Pop heart

trimmed w/fabric on a flamboyant pink canvas.


Art Shows: Bienvenue

The National Liberty Museum - Philadelphia

The National Liberty Museum presents its new Exhibition

3 Jan - 3 Feb, 2020

The We Can Be Heroes Exhibition is a major component of “Philly Loves Bowie Week.” A collection of mixed-media figurative and abstract artworks, it will explore the influence that the man who became known as the “Starman” had and continues to have on contemporary art.
The exhibition will feature a mixture of neon and glass sculpture, as well as paintings and digital artwork from both local and international artists.

Art Shows: Bienvenue
forbes 3.jpg

Lighting Design Show - Beverly Hills California

Intensity - Vibrancy

A Forbes Travel Guide Event

February 26-27, 2019

Art Shows: Bienvenue

Airstream Exhibit on the red carpet


Art installation in the airstream.
Vibrant orchestration of my Mixed Media Painting


Intensity-Vibrancy masterpiece showcased in the airstream

Anna 1.jpg

Opening Reception

Art Shows: Événements
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