Digital Exhibition -

Group Show #4

This large scale exhibition was presented by Shrine Gallery located in New York City

from January to July 2021.

This was a new opportunity for me to showcase my large format custom-made artwork
with my favorite medium, recycled coffee pods.


Burning HeArt

Heart for LIFE, a virtual Exhibition dedicated to Nelia!


When I accomplished this Mixed Media painting last January, I learned that my friend's daughter, only 13 years old, was diagnosed with bone cancer and started chemo treatment!

Devastated by this news and revolted by this injustice of life, I promptly decided to dedicate this art piece to her for highlighting her struggles for LIFE!

'Burning HeArt' was showcased by The Plastic Club 

for its 'SPRING AHEAD, FALL BACK' online Exhibition  

from March to June 2021.

Mixed Media painting featuring a Pop heart trimmed w/fabric on a flamboyant pink canvas.

24'x20' - SOLD -


Philly's Freedom - Artists speak out 

presented in the Live Like a Hero Gallery

October 16, 2020 – April 25, 2021

How do we define Liberty? What does it mean to be free?

These are questions and concepts that we have grappled with at the National Liberty Museum for more than 20 years and ones we posed to a group of talented artists from across Philadelphia.


 Private Auction


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

March 7th, 2020


"Peace & LOVE on red carpet"

Mixed Media painting  specially designed for private auction to support the educative program of the French International School of Philadelphia


 My Auction winner Emeritus

Thanks to my new collector for having contributed to school's program!

Celebrating Values

2020 has been a challenging year !
Firstly, the COVID-19 pandemic plunged the world into an unprecedented health and economic crisis and then, weakened again by an upsurge of violence !
So, this situation led me to participate in evocative Art projects oriented towards Human Values !



"Keep HOPE Alive" 

This Mixed Media painting was part of a campaign featured by to promote mental health, well being and also, to thank healthcare workers devoted to save lives and took care of each other during this health crisis. 

"Keep HOPE Alive" because as Miguel de Cervantes, the famous spanish novelist  said  "Where there is Life, there is Hope !"

May 7th.



"Noble Values"

This colorful painting participated in the Protest Art Exhibition held by TheGalleries at CCBC.

In response to the tragic death of George Flyod in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the rise of violence directed towards racial minorities, I wanted to denounce the human cruelty and enhance Dignity & Integrity by peaceful means !  

June 12th.



"LOVE in the Air"

I committed myself with Artist Support Pledge 's community to support the work of Artists during this difficult time.

Artist Support Pledge is a not for profit company founded by artist Matthew Burrows on the 16th March 2020 in response to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic. 

June 28th.


"We Can Be HEROES" Exhibition at National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia

3 Jan - 3 Feb 2020


Exhibition Announcement

The We Can Be Heroes Exhibition is a major component of “Philly Loves Bowie Week.” A collection of mixed-media figurative and abstract artworks, it will explore the influence that the man who became known as the “Starman” had and continues to have on contemporary art. The exhibition will feature a mixture of neon and glass sculpture, as well as paintings and digital artwork from both local and international artists.


Intensity - Vibrancy

A Forbes Travel Guide Event

Feb 26-27, 2019


Forbes Travel Guide Gala

Beverly Hills, California


Airstream Exhibit on red carpet


Vibrant orchestration of my Mixed Media Painting in the airstream


Intensity-Vibrancy masterpiece showcased in the airstream

Anna 1.jpg

Opening Reception


Intensity-Vibrancy masterpiece showcased in the airstream